Specializing in:
Outpatient orthopedic injuries, auto and sports injuries, work injuries and positional vertigo treatment.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

William Reinbolt, PT

Professionally treats each patient as if they were family



Timothy Burkam, PT

Known and respected throughout the Central Ohio area for approximately 30 years.







About Us:

River Rock Rehabilitation is company owned, operated and managed by therapists, currently employing approximately 100 therapists in the central Ohio area. We specialize in providing physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology services in long term facilities.

Supervisory staff, as well as area managers, are all licensed therapists, enabling them to effectively supervise their peers as well as assist in patient care as the need may warrant. Our company has a simple, 3-pronged approach:

Provide the best care for our patients
Meet all the needs of our clients, patient, physicians and families
Meet the needs of our employees

This philosophy has served our organization well for over 30 years. We believe that our true success is not measured by our size but by our impressive client and staff retention. Many of our long term care facilities have enjoyed uninterrupted therapy services from River Rock Rehab, and its predecessor, SciotoValley Therapy, for 10 20 years.


River Rock Rehabilitation is a multifaceted company offering services in . . .

Out-Patient Clinics
Skilled Nursing/Rehabilitation Facilities
Home Health
Assisted Living and Senior Living Centers
On-site Industrial Facilities

River Rock Rehabilitation is company owned, operated, and managed by therapists and is currently employing approximately 100 therapists in the central Ohio area.